pirate_jack: (him precious pearl - looking up)
Captain Jack Sparrow ([personal profile] pirate_jack) wrote2007-04-20 10:42 am

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There's a yardarm on the Black Pearl that's too cracked to hold the weight of the sails. That's not good. It's not good at all, and it's been bothering him all winter.

(When he thinks too much about it, Jack notices an ache in his own shoulder -- as though he's got a long-unhealed wound to match that of his ship. That's interesting, that is, but there's not much he can do about it, so he doesn't think about it all that often.)

As soon as the weather warms enough that he's not going to freeze while exploring, Jack takes off into the forest, in search of a tall straight tree, seasoned and strong-- one that'll be a suitable replacement for the broken yard.

Of course, Jack Sparrow's a man of the sea. He wasn't expecting the forest to be quite this odd.

Or to be gone this long.

Not that he's entirely sure how long it's been, anyway.

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