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As the ropes that bound the Black Pearl to the Flying Dutchman had tightened, drawing her down, Jack had wound his left hand in a lanyard and clung to his ship with grim determination.

He'd been through this before, after all.

(I can't leave her like this)

(You're gonna owe me)

(Don't make me let her go alone)

At first it had been the same, or near enough. The sea had rushed over them, all three -- the Pearl, her captain, and young Wellard trapped in the rigging above -- and the light had filtered down through the water like slowly falling gold as they were dragged behind the Dutchman, into the cold black depths.

"Not so bad," Jack had muttered, or tried-- only a muffled noise escapes, along with a single small bubble of air. He gritted his teeth and tried again, stubbornly. "Not so bad at all, come to that. Could be worse. Besides, not like I can't swim--"

Almost on the heels of the words, a low rumble had passed through the water, much like a low, cruel laugh. It had been followed by the Black Pearl's pained shudder as the harpoons were pulled roughly from her sides, the Dutchman leaving her behind now, crippled and sinking.

And as the last bit of brightness had vanished, consumed by the crushing dark... everything changed.

(a captain goes down with his ship do you fear death that dark abyss one hundred years before the mast you have a debt to pay to the locker with ye!)

goes down,










through darkness and then into an unearthly gray mist, turning end over end, black sails billowing wildly in the wind of her passing.

Lashed as he is to his ship, Jack's secure enough, but the violence of the fall jerks Wellard free of the tangled rigging and sends him spinning helplessly through the air--

(man overboard!)

--over the side, beyond Jack's desperately flailing grasp and away, lost to sight in an instant as the Black Pearl continues to tumble,








"Now what do you suppose we have here?"

Squinting at the sudden glaring brightness, Jack manages to untangle himself from the lanyards and lines and staggers to the railing, looking down over the side at the-- desert?

Black eyes widen in sudden panic.

"Where's the sea? Where's the water?"

There's no answer, but a second's glance is all it takes to confirm it. Desert it is; white salt flats stretching as far as the eye can see, with nary a spot of green or blue save for the harshness of the unrelenting sky above. There are no clouds, no shade-- save only for the bleak shadow of the Pearl herself, jarringly dark against the cruel bone-bleached land; no sound, no movement, not even a breath of wind.

Nothing stirs.

"Bugger." Jack shakes his head, and the sound of beads clattering against each other is unnervingly loud in the stillness. "Got a long walk ahead of me, I do."

There's still no answer. He shrugs and swings himself over the side on a rope, his boots thudding heavily against the parched ground as he lands. He flips open his compass and looks down at it in something of resigned dismay as it spirals back and forth in an unceasing circle.

"No help at all." It comes out as a disgusted growl, and Jack snaps it shut again, then looks up at the Pearl and touches two fingers to his hat in a jaunty salute.

"I won't be long, luv-- just as long as it takes to reach the shore and back--"

He turns and saunters off--

(couldn't leave her lost before either)

--all of ten steps before he's jerked back as if still tethered to the

Jack whirls around, staring up at his ship. Long moments pass before he walks slowly back to her side. He reaches up, running brown fingers absently over black wood as he murmurs,

"Looks like it's to be you and me together for the long haul, luv."

He turns again, scanning the bare, empty horizon before concluding, bleakly,

"... just the two of us."


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