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The Black Pearl is decked out with true holiday gaiety. Spell-driven St. Elmo's fire still dances along the yardarms, but the glow is even brighter now with the addition of white fairy lights strung along every available piece of rigging-- every one of them gleaming with festive cheer. Fairy lights also adorn the ropes that have been run from post to post along the floating pier, guiding people safely along the path to the ship.

Squishy sprays of mistletofu dangle here and there, adding a distinct presence of their own, along with a few sprigs of perfectly normal mistletoe that have somehow also been put up. Red-berried holly and evergreen picked in the woods wreaths through all the railings and around the masts and even twines through the ship's wheel, adding a splash of bright color.

Along the starboard side of the main deck Rachel Grey has outdone herself, arranging a catered buffet with a variety of soy-based drinks, coffee and otherwise, along with tofu salads, tofu wraps, and small triangular sandwiches with the crusts cut off. At some point in the proceedings, Jack had pointed out the never-emptying barrel of rum in his cabin office, and that's been brought out as well to provide a spirited form of holiday cheer that goes particularly well in soy-nog, not to mention on its own.

The door to Jack's cabin office has been locked, and the stairway leading belowdecks has been roped off to prevent intrusion -- but aside from that, the rest of the Black Pearl is ready and waiting for the arrival of the holiday guests.
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