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Okay! The purpose of this post is so that people can be aware of the current condition of the Black Pearl-- especially the current residents (Jack, Gibbs; Wellard has quarters reserved for his use, as well, although that's more of an occasional thing).

Current Status, as of April 13, 2007: Over the course of the winter and due to much handwavy-and-otherwise work, the ship has been completely repaired, with three notable exceptions as follows:

The Foremast: There is a cracked yardarm that needs replacing. (Jack Sparrow, who has been Notably Absent, will be returning soon, having identified an appropriate tree from the Milliways forest to do this job.)

The Sails: The Pearl's beautiful black sails are all patched up, but the patches do not match the rest of the sails, which look like a crazy quilt. See icon for what I mean. Therefore, the sails need to be redyed in order to be that flat glossy black that we all know and love.

Post-Winter Maintenance: Mostly handwavy, but now that the weather's warming -- the sides need to be scrubbed, etc.

That's it. Look for the mast and sails to be addressed IC very soon. Thanks!

Status Update, 10/19/06: Broken down by area, now, for simplicity's sake.

Masts and Sails: All tangled rigging has been brought down, along with all sails. The mizzen has a slightly cracked stay, and the foremast a badly damaged yardarm that will have to be replaced. Rigging and rope has been spliced and tested in every spare second, and much work on sail-mending has been done as well -- by Jack, Wellard, and Lucy Pevensie, among others. Rigging is ready to be restrung once more, and sails rehoisted upon the masts that will support them. The damaged stay will have to be mended, at the very least, and the yardarm completely replaced. This will involve getting a tree from the Milliways forest.

Decks and Railings: Main deck has been repaired fully in terms of patching holes in the deck itself. Ditto the quarterdeck (which I don't think had any holes, maybe just a weakness or two.) Railings have been about half-repaired with available wood -- more supplies will be needed to complete this project fully.

Gundeck has some structural weaknesses still, thanks to much kraken-attack. For example, Jack put his foot through a weak spot the other day, in thread. Repairs still going on there, both on-deck itself and from the bilges below, to make sure that cannon-weight will not be a problem. The Oompa-Loompas have helped a lot with carpentry here.

Hull Integrity: The holes in the ship's hull have all been patched. As a result, wood color is different in patches than for the body of the Pearl, but that's an easy fix. No damage below waterline-- save for a few leaks caused by Charlie McGee's boiling the lake, and Jack patched those quickly with lavish application of tar.

Jack's Cabin: Everything from the 9/13 update (see below) still applies. However, thanks to Adam, the barrel of rum is now self-refilling. All latticework has been put back in the windows, thanks to Kaylee, and Jack's put up oilcloth over them to keep out the cold until he can get plexiglas in place.

Miscellaneous Other: The Oompa-Loompas have put in place a floating pier that runs from the Pearl's sea-ladder all the way to shore. Wellard's raft remains anchored to the stern of the Pearl, just in case it's needed; this will change when the lake freezes, of course.

Discussions with Tom Riddle and Merriman Lyon have led to an arrangement for spells to keep the ship from freezing in two ways: one, by raising the local salinity of the lake around her hull (to keep freshwater from being a problem for a seagoing ship, and also to keep her from being icebound), and two, by putting in place small heat-spells around masts and yards, on the decks, and in Jack's cabin. Those have not been implemented quite yet, but are coming soon.

Status Update, 9/13/06: All the loose debris has been sorted now. Useable pieces of wood are stacked in piles near areas of major damage, with the idea being that they can be used for repair, and the splinters have been discarded. Netting and rigging and various other pieces of rope have been sorted into piles as well, for going through and seeing what's salvageable.

The main topsail and course (the two biggest/bottom sails on the mainmast) have been cut loose (from the cracked and burned yardarm, which will need repair) and allowed to fall, along with the tangled rigging from that mast. They've been rolled/folded up and set to the starboard side of the main deck, as space will be needed to work on them and repair what can be repaired. The rest of the masts and sails still need to be dealt with.

The cannons have been moved to the center of the gundeck, so that work can be done on patching the holes in the hull.

In Jack's cabin, there are two repaired chairs and his table's been repaired. It currently holds latticework for the windows -- the latticework/frame is being slowly reassembled, but there's no glass. (There's a small plan in place to put in plexiglas, thanks to Mal Reynolds.) A hammock is slung in one corner for sleeping. Charts have been salvaged, where possible, and are stored in a chest against the wall. Merriman's ever-burning lantern of the Light hangs from a hook in here at all times unless explicitly mentioned elsewhere. (The barrel of rum is in here, too.)

Original Status: When the Black Pearl arrived at Milliways, she did so straight from the aftermath of the battle with the kraken. Therefore, her appearance was that last seen in the film. Structure was largely intact, especially hull and masts -- but railings were shattered, yardarms cracked, gundecks were wrecked with holes and debris, Jack's cabin was torn into bits and missing a back wall, and rigging was tangled and sails torn and charred in spots. Pieces of wood and fallen lanterns and rope and broken exploded barrels were everywhere.
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